Birding Costa Rica

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Quotes Johan's knowledge and expertise in the natural world of Costa Rica is phenomenal! And his ability to find birds in all the strange places is extraordinary. Do yourself a favor and book a tour with the best birding leader in all of Costa Rica. Just read the reviews Quotes
Karin Kleperi
Bird Photo Fan

Quotes Johan was a most gracious host for our three person tour. We visited four scenic destinations with many interesting stops in between. Johan was very organized and the days were filled with birding activities.The accommodations and meals were very good and very representative of Costa Rica. The scenery was spectacular!. Johan's knowledge of Costa Rican birds and where to find them was phenomenal! We saw 343 different species in 10 1/2 days of birding - truly amazing! We checked off very many of the most beautiful birds in Costa Rica. Johan was also very patient in allowing our two photographers time to get the best bird photos possible. Also, do ask Johan about the ecology and history of Costa Rica. He is very knowledgeable. In summary, it was a memorable trip for a Midwestern American birder. Quotes
Richard R
Midwestern American birder.

Quotes I am a medical doctor and an avid bird photographer from India.I have photographed over 800 species from India.Hence with great expectations i arranged costa rica birding and nature tour for 12 days.we were 6 friends with our wives and it was a bit challenging to balance birding and nature.I had entrusted Johan with all arrangements based on internet reviews alone and i must admit, johan surpassed all our expectations. He is a gifted birdguide, who knows every bird by sight or sound, uses birdcalls only when necessary and is very meticulous in arrangements. We covered over 200 species with good photographs,enjoyed nature tours,enjoyed salsa lessons,had great informative tour of costa rica biology and history. you can see my photos on web album. I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone who loves nature and birds to go to costa rica and travel with Johan. Vegeterian food was great,Driver Damian was great company. Quotes
Dhananjay Kelkar
Medical doctor and an avid bird photographer

Quotes Spent 10 days birding with Johan Fernandez in late April/early May 2015. From the moment he collected us at the airport he was spot on!! From the gardens of Hotel Bougainvillea, to Arenal, everything was wonderful! Johan knows his birds! Where they nest, when they come and go, how to spot them, tips on photography, and where to stop for great local food! He is a very patient guy, and has a wonderful sense of humor! We met his family, and he even took us to his father's house to an area where there was a spectacled owl roosting. So he does everything he can to give birders a great and memorable experience! We are definitely going back to see him again and bird some different areas of Costa Rica! Quotes
Wijbren Huisman
Bird Whisperer!!

Quotes I had a 6 days! birding trip to Costa Rica during April 2013. This was my virgin birding trip in central America. With the expertised guiding of Mr Johan Fernandez, over 230 species of birds were spotted during the trip although there were rains in the first few days. I was impressed by Johan's superior skill and patience in spotting and calling birds. His ability of imitate bird's call was wonderful that he never let me down. His sense of mobility in spotting birds was supreme. As when we went across the Sunbittern, his decision let me got a close encounter of this displaying beauty. That exciting moment could never be erased in me. Well done Johan. Wish to join you again! Quotes
Fish Gumbei
Satisfied Grand Mom

Quotes We have just spent 2 weeks birding in Costa Rica with Johan Fernandez. He is in his thirties and has plenty of energy to keep up the pace so that we could see the maximum number of species on a 2 week trip. He is second to none in identifying different species both by song and visually. He uses playback responsibly without stressing the birds to call them out so that we could have a good look at them. He also has an excellent knowledge of the best birding sites in the areas which we covered, and also has a good understanding of other wildlife. We traveled around in his 4WD car which was robust enough to tackle the roads, which were often very rough. In 15 days we saw just over 390 species including difficult birds like the Streak-breasted Antpitta and Silver-fronted Tapaculo. We visited an excellent variety of habitats. I hope you enjoy your birding trip with Johan as much as we did and just as a suggestion, you will find a warm sweater useful at the high altitude sites, and rubbe Quotes
Alison and Colin Parnell
Highly recommended

Quotes We had an excellent day with Johan. After meeting in Quepos, we had an amazing trip with a hike and birding by car in the Carara area. We had over 100 species in a day in mid-July, and due to the long drive, we were unable to take a second hike in Carara. Johan was patient and even tried to help us see a black bellied wren that we keep hearing! His knowledge of the bird sounds is fantastic, he has a great sense of humor, and is willing to bird at whatever pace we wanted to set. If you have a chance to be out with a guide in Costa Rica, don't miss the chance to be with Johan! He is top notch! Quotes
Robyn Puffenbarger
Wonderful Day Tripper

Quotes WOW. How could we be so lucky to have Johan be our guide for our very first trip to Costa Rica!. When I retired as a dentist, my wife gave me a trip that I had dreamed of for years--an 8 day birding trip to Costa Rica with my son-in-law. We did our research and settled on a company that had a good reputation, but had no idea who our personal guide would be. It turned out that we had Johan for the entire trip. He was so knowledgable about everything in his fabulous country, including plants, trees, habitats, history and of course birds. Every request we threw at him, he delivered to us, includeing several nights of owling. There is one thing that could have improved our trip, unless it was to stay longer and see more of Costa Rica and its birds with Johan. Bill Griffiths Oregon, USA Quotes
Bill Griffiths

Quotes On our Birding trip to Costa Rica we had the luck that Johan Fernandez was our guide. We showed him our birdlist from the previous trip and he surprised us the next days by knowing exactly which birds we were still missing. He was always friendly and patiently with us and impressed us by his profound knowledge of the birds and plants of this wonderful country, and he had a very good contact with the local people. We can highly recommend him and would take him as a guide again the next time. Quotes
Regula and Kurt Pulfer
Birding Costa Rica target list.

Quotes II had arranged a birding tour with Johan via the internet as I was planning our family vacation in Jaco Costa Rica this past December 2013. For my birthday my wife and son join joined me and we had the honor of spending a full day birding with Johan Fernandez. It was an honor because rarely does one get to spend so much time with such a skilled and accomplished guide and birder. His ability to locate and identify birds continually amazed us as we identified 122 species in that one day. He took his time to explain and point out the birds to us as this was a new experience for all of us. His skills also go beyond just identifying every bird call and flash of feathers. His knowledge and enthusiasm of his native country was contagious. While we just met Johan that one day, he felt like family by the end of the day. He exceeded all of our expectations. I highly recommend Johan and won't hesitate to use him again when we return to Costa Rica. Myles and Sue, Alex Hurlburt - Wausau WI Quotes
Myles Hurlburt
Johan was like Family - Awesome Experience